JESSICA initiative

The main objective of the JESSICA fund is to finance sustainable projects in urban areas.

However, it also acts in other areas of intervention such as

  • Rehabilitation and urban regeneration including regeneration of urban infrastructures and equipment.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Revitalization of the urban economy, especially SMEs and innovative enterprises.
  • Dissemination of information and communication technologies in urban areas, including broadband and wireless networks.

JHFP presents many advantages:

  1. Access to a flexible financing instrument, which enables the mobilization of public and private actors and public-private partnerships;
  2. Ensure that the interventions supported are structuring;
  3. Possibility of using funding from the JHFP (channeled through UDF) to finance the non-funded part of projects which have been or will be the subject of Community subsidies.

Line of credit for the financing of projects of the community funds JESSICA

To who?

Empresas, Sociedades de Reabilitação Urbana, Fundos de Investimento Imobiliário, Municípios, empresas municipais.

Principais objetivos:

  • Companies, Urban Rehabilitation Societies, Real Estate Investment Funds, Municipalities, Municipal Companies.

Supplementary line of credit for urban rehabilitation and regeneration projects (in the non-eligible components)

This line of credit is mainly directed to private entities financing projects for the rehabilitation of existing or under construction buildings, with a view to developing and fostering the living and socioeconomic conditions of the agglomerates.