Market Studies

Economic studies are an important part of EFACONT's activity and are carried out by experienced professionals who accompany the development of their clients' business in the Department of Economic Studies and Market Monitoring (DEAM).

Ensuring the follow-up of state-of-the-art and national and international best practices, EFACONT develops economic studies, using econometric techniques when necessary

Get the information on the international markets you need and clarify your doubts about:

  • Prospects
  • Distribution Channels
  • Regulatory Aspects
  • Fairs and events
  • Market-specific information


  • Studies in the areas of macroeconomics, analysis of macroeconomic indicators;

  • Studies and projects of internationalization, political, economic sectoral and competitive context;

  • Economic-legal studies;

  • Taxation studies;

  • Business plans, SWOT analysis and PESTEL;

  • Marketing Plan with the 4 Ps;

  • Investment Studies and feasibility assessment;

  • Periodic elaboration of market monitoring reports;

  • Opinions on general economic issues;

  • Conducting surveys in sectors of economic activity;

The preparation of economic studies aims to support the entrepreneur in decision making:

  • Investment;

  • Internationalization;

  • Review of the production and sale and / or supply practices of its activity sectors;

  • Analysis about possible anti-competitive or competitive practices;

  • Improved distribution policies and after-sales service

This EFACONT department collaborates with the other departments of the company.