Investment analysis

Economic-Financial Project

The economic / financial feasibility study of a project / company is fundamental both for projects related to a start-up and for projects of a company already implemented and functioning and that need to evaluate the return or over- Value of an investment and the impact on the business

In practice, the project promoter should seek to answer the following questions:

What is my current situation?

The answer to this question presupposes an internal analysis of the company's situation and its market positioning, namely its strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT) as well as a clear diagnosis of the available resources.

What are my strategic objectives?

It is necessary to define the expected impact for the company and its position in the market with the realization of the projected investment.

What is the strategy to adopt?

Analyze what resources are needed and what strategy to adopt to achieve the defined objectives. How we can bridge weaknesses and build strengths. How to deal with market threats and seize their opportunities.

In the answers to these questions we found the bases for the elaboration of a coherent Feasibility Study that will be an excellent management tool.

Our consultants have a strong know-how and financial background, which makes it easy to develop key indicators to demonstrate the feasibility of your project

  • Investment and financing plan;

  • Results Plan and Treasury Plan;

  • Balance;

  • Point of Equilibrium; VAL; TIR; Pay-Back;

  • Analysis and ratios.