Management Consulting

How can we achieve success if we do not have well-defined goals?

How will we practice rigorous management if we do not evaluate the rigor of our performance?

We want to help with your business. We want to help you and understand your vision for success through good management practices.

The Management Consulting is related to the support in the internal orientation of the systems of business projection, CRM, ERP and all the tools that allow to analyze the business in the commercial, financial and reporting aspect.


  • Prevent the occurrence of undesirable situations with planning of the risks of each action and that can divert the companies from the defined strategic objectives.
  • Promote actions designed to achieve these objectives of the company in an efficient, efficient and rapid manner.
  • Reduce costs, improve internal organization and improve performance.

General objectives

  • Provide means for greater efficiency and speed in management decisions.
  • Use of techniques such as Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking.
  • Establish goals and tools adapted to the reality of each company that allow the monitoring of performance of the measures.
  • Suggestion of corrective processes in the face of deviations
  • Global and continuous monitoring to achieve the defined strategic goals and objectives.

Your Objectives are Ours. We Want the Best for the Performance of Your Company.

In this context, EFACONT offers you the following options:

  • Elaboration of a business diagnosis to raise the needs of your company;

  • Identification and recommendation of efficient solutions with a view to maximizing their profitability;

  • Implementation of computer control tools;

  • Elaboration of the Annual Operational and Treasury Budget;

  • Carrying out comparative monthly financial and operational management analyzes and analyzing your company's budget deviations;

  • Evaluating your strategy and impact on your business;

  • Development of Dash Board;