EFACONT is a legally constituted and active company, developing its economic and social function - both with its partners, with its employees and with customers and suppliers, competitors, and the State, in scope of the Economy and Business Management, with more than 30 years of experience and operates in various segments, in the most diverse areas, namely in the areas of Financial Management, Strategic Management, Management Control, Investment and Financing Projects, Elaboration of market studies, Internationalization of Companies, Incentive applications, Corporate and tax advice.

EFACONT is a company that assumes the rights and duties of corporate citizenship and shares universal values ​​related to the progress of human development indices and complies scrupulously with the universal system of International Law, Community Law and National Law, with due respect for Legitimate laws, as well as with the precepts of Moral, and of the Code of Ethics of all the activities of professionals who are part of its main activity.

Personalized service of economic and financial consulting and we are distinguished by the offer of an integrated set of financial services and business management consulting, which are fundamentally based on the specific needs of each client according to their structure and their sector of activity, in the quality and professional service. We support clients to optimize costs and results and become more competitive in the global market, in their performance, EFACONT seeks to guide SMEs to projects that rely on dynamic factors of competitiveness, namely in the development of projects of technological innovation, increase of productivity, implementation of management systems, quality improvement and training of human resources.


Capital is not scarce, the vision has to be futuristic, predictive and monitoring of results with rigor and measurable.

To be recognized at a national and international level as the partner and company of business management, economics, prudent in the development and monitoring of corporate projects.


Supporting national and international companies to be competitive, finding new management methodologies, developing new strategies to approach the global and local market with innovative methodologies of management that can create new business dynamics and reach other market shares, optimizing costs and Finding the right resources at all times.