Globalization is here to stay! To be competitive, companies need to look for new markets.

Portuguese exporting companies still sell abroad more as result of a growth process and in response to concrete consultations and not due to a strategic choice of internationalization.

However, in this context, and in response to international competitive pressures having an impact on the internal market and the constraints of the domestic market itself, regular exporting companies quickly became aware of the synergistic benefits arising from the need for integrated planning and procedures and an overall strategy for the expansion of its business.

What about the other companies? Have you thought about taking your company across borders?

Is it possible to do this keeping the same structure and without any extra costs beyond the normal variables?

How do they make themselves known in the international market?

In what markets should they intervene?

What international consumers are interested in my business? How should they enter these countries? What is the best way to reach the consumer?

Internationalization is one of the best growth strategies and can be boosted by marketing innovation, product diversification and processes that can make the company more competitive by optimizing costs and lowering the cost of selling, distributing and After-sales service

EFACONT supports internationalization from:

  • Market selection appropriate to your reality and entry strategy;
  • Development of market study, economic-legal study and marketing plan;
  • Risk assessment;
  • End-to-end process support;
  • Conducting B2B meetings, Workshops, presentation at international fairs.

Internationalization methodologies and areas of action

Innovative processes of business management with the participation of institutions linked to the study of new methods of action, research, university education.

Involvement of companies from developed countries with developing countries to develop work and lead training by training future coaches from these countries.

Focus on the areas of staple goods and development factors, creating opportunities to reduce scarcity and increase the productivity of these development factors in distinct areas with special focus on renewable energy, water treatment, hospital management, construction, agriculture, Tradable industrialized products.

We advise and support developing countries to:

  • To find the best international player's capable of designing and managing the construction of new renewable energy assets;
  • To build alternative options vis-à-vis projects, implement construction management, train men according to each specific market;
  • Financing of the acquisition or construction of new alternative energy assets.

We advise and support the entrepreneurs of the European countries and Portugal to:

  • Finding who needs your knowledge and supply of goods or qualified service;
  • We support the selection of internationalization destinations in a world of 144 countries, which interests you as a potential market to place your product.
  • Internationalization Project with the indication of the chosen markets taking into consideration:
    • Market size;
    • Cultural aspects;
    • Linguistic aspects;
    • Geographical proximity;
    • Labor, commercial and tax legislation;
    • Local infrastructures;
    • Financial and fiscal incentives for investment;
    • Costs of other factors of production;
    • Need for my product on the market;
    • Labor costs;
    • Economic growth;
    • Power of purchase;
    • Others.
  • Strategies for internationalization
    • Export to the end customer
    • Export through agents or distributors
    • Import
    • Foreign Direct Investment - commercial activity
    • Turnkey project
    • Technology or brand licensing
    • Foreign Direct investment - productive activity